Time: 25 min.
6000 ISK or 40 € or 45 $
Persons: 1-4
One way trip

Up to 75 m long and resembling an edge swimming pool – this is what a completely new lagoon in Iceland looks like, which uses geothermal waters and provides relaxation in amazing natural surroundings. And it just opened!

It is no secret that Iceland has many beautiful and absolutely unique places. However, new projects appear every now and then, which are always breathtaking and make many people ready to buy tickets to this country here and now. This time is no different. Get to know Sky Lagoon – another delightful project in the land of ice and fire.

The new lagoon was built very close to Reykjavik, in the port of Karsnes – it is about 10 minutes by car from the capital. It appeared on our pages in August last year, when the first visualizations appeared. Now that it’s finally open – it looks just as great! Its biggest attraction is a natural “infinity pool”, i.e. one in which you cannot see its edge. It is as much as 75 m long. Importantly, it offers not only a pleasant bath and relaxation, but also a view of the Atlantic.