Time: 45 min.
Price: 17,900 ISK or 125 € or 135 $
Persons: 1-4
One way trip

Imagine 800-year-old black volcanic rocks, the sound of steam emerging from the ground, hot milky-blue water, and in it… yourself. Could there be anything more relaxing? No wonder the Blue Lagoon, or the Blue Lagoon as you prefer, was named one of the 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic, and one of the 10 best SPAs in the world according to Traveler. One of Iceland’s greatest attractions charms at any time of the year, regardless of the weather!

Why is Blue Lagoon blue? This is all due to silica, ubiquitous in the lagoon waters. It reflects the light entering the water. How does it happend? Just like with a rainbow. White sunlight falls on raindrops and is split (hence all the colors). Silica, on the other hand, “absorbs” all but blue. Thanks to this and the accumulation of other microelements (creating a whitish, milky color), this wonderful blue color appears to our eyes.

So much learning, and now pleasure… The water that reaches the reservoir comes from a depth of 1,981 meters. We have as many as 9 million liters at our disposal!

Sometimes, for cleaning and repair purposes, the water is “held” and the pool becomes empty. Then it takes 48 hours for it to fill up again. This is how long it takes for a complete water exchange to take place in a continuous cycle. We are therefore sure that the water is clean, rich in health substances and incredibly relaxing. Who doesn’t like to take a hot bath after a hard day? The Blue Lagoon gives us this opportunity after seeing the island and struggling with the changing weather. It is like the cherry on the cake that must be eaten before departure.

Water with an average temperature of 39°C works wonders. In addition, there is the Blue Flag certificate – a certificate of water purity. What more are we left with? Jump in and enjoy the benefits of minerals and microelements.